Friday, 24 September 2010

Setting Permissions on individual pages/sites in Tulip/SharePoint 2010

Well I'm going to attempt to spice up this very very boring subject by adding lots of pictures of cats taken from icanhascheesburger...

well I did warn you!
So lets say you've split your students up into groups and have set up a number of sub sites/libraries for these students to use as their own. However what you don't want to happen is for other groups to view/edit/copy these groups works! Luckily the big M has our back on this one... no not Mc Donalds... Microsoft Dummy!

Getting to the Permissions for your Page

1) So go to the site or page your wanting to have unique permissions, and from the Ribbon Menu™ select "Page".
2) From the resulting contextual menu select "Page Permissions" roughly just below where you clicked "Page".

Your then get greeted with a really scary looking page... but don't worry here's a picture of a cat to make it look nicer!

Altering a groups Permissions

Ok I think I'll quit with the cat pictures now they're getting in the way! Anyway so back to this task the default setup for your SharePoint pages is that they'll inherit permissions directly from their parent. Which is quite self explanatory you change the main site's permissions it'll change the sub site's permissions. We want this to stop since we don't want to make it unique! So:

3) Click on the "Stop Inheriting Permissions" icon:
 You'll get a warning saying bla bla bla click OK! Unless you genuinely accidentally clicked on the "stop inheriting permissions" button in which case why are you reading this tutorial... however if your just experimenting don't worry as you can re inherit permissions back again if you change your mind!

From here you can alter the different groups permissions, for this example if you wanted to edit the students group you tick the box next to students and in doing so will enable the "Edit User Permissions" icon in the "Ribbon Menu" click this icon and it'll bring up a menu you might recognise from SharePoint 2007:

I won't go into explaining all these different tick box's as they're quite self explanatory, you need to have at least one ticked so alter these to your hearts content... Once happy click "OK" and your done.

Removing a group from your Site/Page
If your not wanting your group to have any permissions on your site you can't just un-tick these items you have to actually remove the group from your site. So to do this go back to the "Permissions Tool" page by cancelling this pop up or repeating this tutorial up till step 2.

When your at the list of groups/users tick the little box next to the group your aiming to remove and click on the "Remove User Permissions" icon which'll be enabled, ok the warning and your done.

Adding changing an individuals permissions for your site
However if your wanting to enable individual students/staff to alter a document/page/library we need to go back to the "Permissions Tools" page (the page we got to from step 2 up above). When here click the "Grant Permissions" icon.

When you click this a pop up window will appear which might look a bit scary to start with but is actually quite simple. The top box is where you add the different staff/student names. If you know their full name as listed on the system type it in here separated by a semi colon ooor even easier search for their names using the address book as shown in my 5 steps to glory image:

If your unable to view that image it goes like this:
  1. Click the address book icon
  2. Type name into the search bar
  3. Click on the right name
  4. Click add
  5. Click ok
Once you've clicked ok you'll go back to the original pop up menu but you should notice the "User/Groups" box has been filled out with the users names... much like in an email address...

We then need to change the permissions for the added staff/students for this example I'm wanting the to be able to edit the page, so I'm going to select "Full Control" I'm sure Contribute would be suffice but seeing as its just for one page I'm happy for students to have more permissions as the aim is to get them involved with this technology not constrain them! By default an email will be sent out to the people listed you can unstick the box to stop this from happening if so desired.... which is particularly helpful if your doing a covert operation! Once happy click OK!

And there we have it you've made your sites page custom... your sites' been pimped you just need Xzibit to give you a pinch.... pimp my ride... ok forget it... more pictures of cats! 

Errm that's all hope this has been of some use!


EJ said...

Me thinks this is just some ploy to post LOLcat pictures! It's just great how Sharepoint allows for more comprehensive authorization by specifying user access. It's certainly important in corporate learning solutions like online learning.

Edd Bolton said...

yes good job on the cats i was scared when you used the the words 'contextual menu' i created a quick guideon how to creat staff areas that students cannot access whcih is pretty simlar (without the cats)
in our faculty we have a system whereby i can send out email to the whole faculty when I write these guides, do you use such a system in yours?